Thomas Nevin’s funeral notice 1923

Thomas James Nevin’s funeral notice appeared in the Hobart Mercury 12th March 1923. This record also omits the middle initial “J” in his name which was included on his government contractor stamp enclosed by the Royal Arms colonial warrant. He was buried at the Cornelian Bay cemetery, now called the Southern Regional Cemetery Trust  with “photographer” listed as his occupation.

The cemetery records show these details:

Southern Regional Cemetery Trust
Brief Record Details
First names : Thomas
Surname : NEVIN
Age : 80
Date of death :
Service type : Burial
Service date : 12-Mar-1923
Last residence : HOBART
Grave location –
Cemetery : Cornelian Bay
Area or denomination : Church of England
Section : DD
Site number : Number 277,

Thomas James Nevin (1842-1923) was buried with the rank of “photographer”, address given, Elizabeth St. Hobart, Tasmania.


Hobart Public Cemetery
No. 3422 (Schedule C.)
Answers to be written opposite to the following Questions at the time of giving Orders
1. What denomination? Ch of England and
2. Name of deceased? Thomas Nevin
3. Late Residence of deceased? Photographer
4. Rank of deceased? Elizabeth St
5. Age of deceased? 80 years …months…days
6. Where born? Ireland
7. Minister to officiate? Rev Summers[?]
8. Day of funeral/ 12th March 23
9. What Hour? 9.30 o’clock am
10. No. of Grave on plan issued? No. 277 Compartment DD
11. If a public grave?
12. If a private grave, what width? Yes feet
13. ” ” length? 8 x 4 feet
14. What depth?
15. If first or second interment? …feet
16. Nature of disease, or supposed cause of death? ….
CLARK BROS [stamp]
Signature of William Clark
Representative or Undertaker
Order received this … day of … 19
at … o’clock
£. s. d
Interment in Public Grave …
Land for Private Grave, 8ft x 4 ft 5: 4: 0
Sinking 6½ feet, or re-opening .. 1: 15: 0
Label …..: 2: 6
Certificate of Right of Burial … : 12 6
Permission to erect Monument : 10 0

£6: 4: 0

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Photographer Thomas J. Nevin ca. 1876
Photographed in the city studio standing next to his big box table top stereoscope viewer.
Copyright © The Private Collection of Denis Shelverton 2007 ARR.

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