Thomas Nevin’s Rank 1871

“Rank” appears on this Hobart Town marriage registration form, when Thomas Nevin married Elizabeth Rachel Day on July 12, 1871. Its usage on this official form is indicative of his status in government service.


Detail of Thomas and Elizabeth Nevin’s marriage certificate, July 12, 1871.


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Thomas and Elizabeth Nevin’s wedding portrait, July 12, 1871,
taken at the Nevins’ studio, The City Photographic Establishment
140 Elizabeth St. Hobart Town. Verso blank.
© The Nevin Family Collection 2005-2010. ARR. Watermarked.

For his bride, however, no ranking applies. Elizabeth Rachel Day’s rank is just a dash. Her “description” is Spinster. Whether the handwritten signatures are those of the participants and witnesses is open to question.


The form looks filled out by the one person after the event. Elizabeth Rachel’s sister Mary Sophia Day, was a witness, as was the licensee of the Black Prince Hotel, William Hanson. The Black Prince is still in operation at the corner of Elizabeth and Melville Streets, just opposite the Nevins’ (former) photographic studio. William Hanson advertised new and second-hand furniture from the same premises in Walch’s Tasmanian Almanac in 1864.


Hanson’s ad in Walch’s Tasmanian Almanac 1864