With Alfred Bock mid 1860s

Sennotypes and oils by Alfred Bock held at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
Top: Self portrait and signature
Lower from left to right: Mr Crouch; Mrs Crouch; Unknown Man

Thomas J. Nevin answered an advertisement for an apprentice at Alfred Bock’s studio, the City Photographic Establishment, which appeared in The Mercury on 7th July, 1863.

The Mercury 7th July, 1863. An Apprentice wanted.

Alfred Bock’s trade advertisement in Walch’s Tasmanian Almanac, 1864

Portrait of a standing child by Alfred Bock ca 1863
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The verso of this portrait of a standing child bears Alfred Bock’s studio stamp for the City Photographic Establishment which is identical in design to one of the stamps adopted by Thomas Nevin while working with Bock in the early 1860s. Nevin continued to use this design when he acquired Bock’s studio and stock, The City Photographic Establishment, in 1865 on Bock’s departure from Tasmania.

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Nevin stamp Harrisson collectionBock stamp McCullagh collection

 Alfred Bock and Thomas Nevin stamps

The stamp (below) shows the early bare design of the photographer’s initials “A.B.” encircled by a belt with buckle, the motto in Latin “Ad Altiora” within the belt’s circumference, and a kangaroo perched on top. The studio’s address lies outside the design.

Alfred Bock stamp, mid-1850s
© KLW NFC Imprint & The Private Collection of John & Robyn Mcullagh 2006-2007 ARR.

This is an earlier Alfred Bock studio stamp dated around 1857 when he first set up the City Photographic Establishment at 140 Elizabeth St. Hobart Town, complete with glass house studio. More of these cartes are held here at The McCullagh Collection.

See this biographical account in The Dictionary of Australian Artists: painters, sketchers, photographers and engravers to 1870, edited by Joan Kerr, pp 77-78 (1992 MUP).

Biographical entry in The Dictionary of Australian Artists: painters, sketchers, photographers and engravers to 1870 Joan Kerr (ed) 1992 pp77-78
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