Prisoner John EDDINGTON

NLA Catalogue [wrong information]
nla.pic-vn4269866 PIC P1029/9 LOC Album 935
John Edington, native, robbery 2 years, taken at Port Arthur, 1874 [picture] 1874.
1 photograph on carte-de-visite mount : albumen ; 9.4 x 5.6 cm. on mount 10.5 x 6.3 cm. Part of Convict portraits, Port Arthur, 1874 [picture]

This prisoner identification photograph of John Eddington was taken at the Hobart Gaol by Constable John Nevin and Thomas Nevin in March 1883 when Eddington was arraigned and sentenced to two years for assault and robbery. The National Library of Australia’s catalogue note is incorrect. It was not taken in 1874, when Eddington would have been no older than an eleven year child, and it was not taken at the Port Arthur prison which finally closed in 1877. Thomas Nevin was still active as bailiff, warrant officer and police photographer until the birth of his last child in 1888. This photograph, printed and mounted, was donated to the National Library in 1964 and accessioned correctly as the work of Thomas Nevin in 1985.


John Eddington, aged 18 yrs, his trade listed as a butcher, was convicted on July 2, 1881 for larceny and sentenced to 14 days at the Hobart Gaol.

John Eddington was discharged a fortnight later on 15 July 1881.

On year later, John Eddington, aged 19, was arraigned at the Supreme Court Hobart and sentenced to two years for assault and robbery. His alias was John Counsel, or Evans. He was photographed by Constable John Nevin on incarceration.

John Eddington was discharged on 14 March 1885, residue of sentence remitted.