Prisoner James FOLEY

National Library of Australia copy
Thomas J. Nevin photographed prisoner James Foley in one sitting, on the prisoner’s discharge in September 1874 from the Hobart Gaol. This cdv is the mounted original taken in 1874 by Nevin, donated to the NLA in the 1960s as part of the Gunson collection of government estrays.

Prisoner James FOLEY
Photographer: Thomas J. Nevin (1842-1923)

Notes from the NLA Catalogue
Part of collection: Convict portraits, Port Arthur, 1874.
Gunson Collection file 203/7/54.
James Foley, per Ld. [i.e. Lord] Dalhousie, taken at Port Arthur, 1874 [picture]
Title from inscription on reverse.
Inscription: title and “78”–In ink on reverse.
Condition: Slight foxing.
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Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery copy
This black and white copy of Thomas Nevin’s original mugshot of James Foley taken in October 1874 on discharge from the Hobart Gaol was created at the QVMAG from the Beattie Collection in 1985. It is a copy of the same photograph taken by Nevin held at the National Library of Australia, including the number verso “78” which was the Hobart Gaol Photo Book number in 1874. However, when  Foley was convicted again in September 1875, Nevin’s original photograph was duplicated and numbered recto “96” for the Hobart Gaol Photo Book.

Prisoner James Foley
QVMAG 1985_p_0105. Numbered recto “96”
Photographer Thomas J. Nevin 1874

Verso: Prisoner James Foley
QVMAG 1985_p_0105
Photographer Thomas J. Nevin 1874

Archives Office of Tasmania copy
A paper copy from the cdv held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery was online at the Archives of Tasmania in 2005.

Webshot: Archives Office Tasmania PH30/1/3208
Caption:  “James Foley, convicted transported per Lord Dalhousie. Photograph taken at Port Arthur by Thomas Nevin“.

Police Records: James Foley 1874-75

James Foley, native place Cork (Ireland) was tried at the Supreme Court Hobart on 5th September 1865 for larceny and prison offences, sentenced to 9 years. He was 43 yrs old when he was discharged on 21st October 1874, and photographed by T. J. Nevin on discharge. Within months of discharge, he was convicted in Launceston again of larceny, using an alias Sullivan, his trade listed as sweep, his gae bumped up to 50 yrs old.

James Foley as Sullivan was convicted at Launceston to 6 months for larceny on 11th September 1875 and received at  the Hobart Gaol. His photograph by T. J. Nevin taken in 1874 (no. 78) was duplicated from the Gaol Photo Book for inclusion on his rap sheet (no. 96).