Prisoner John FUNT

The NLA carte-de-visite
This duplicate of Thomas Nevin’s original photograph of prisoner John Funt, taken on discharge in 1875, was deposited at the National Library of Australia in the 1960s. Another cdv of John Funt is held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Tasmania.

NLA Catalogue (incorrect information)
PIC P1029/15 LOC Album 935/nla.obj-142916515
John Funt, per Hydrabad 3, taken at Port Arthur, 1874 [picture]

Carte-de-visite of John Funt numbered “97” on recto
QVMAG Ref: QVM: 1985:P:104

A paper copy of the QVMAG cdv is held at the Archives Office Tasmania
Webshot of page at the Archives Office of Tasmania

Webshot of page at the Archives Office of Tasmania

The QVMAG prints
This is an original print from Thomas J. Nevin’s original glass negative taken in 1875. It was one of forty original prints from his negatives which were collated onto three panels and displayed for sale in John Watt Beattie’s catalogue, 1916.

Prisoner John Funt, bottom row, fourth from left
Forty prints of 1870s Tasmania prisoners in three panels
Original prints of negatives by T. J. Nevin 1870s
Reprints by J. W. Beattie ca. 1915
QVMAG Collection: Ref : 1983_p_0163-0176

[Above]” Black and white print from T. J. Nevin’s original negative of John Funt 1875 reproduced minus scratches and cracks in the 1980s at the QVMAG.


John Funt was photographed by T.J. Nevin on discharge from the Hobart Town Gaol on 3 February, 1875. Funt was sentenced to 10 years for robbery on 17 October 1867. On discharge he was 60 yrs old.