Fourth son George Ernest Nevin

George Ernest Nevin (1880-1957) was born at the Hobart Town Hall during his father Thomas Nevin’s residency as Office and Hall Keeper, and photographer with the Municipal Police Office. The childhood photograph of George (below) was taken at his father’s studio at New Town (Hobart) in the mid-1880’s.

George Ernest Nevin, aged 5 yrs, ca. 1885
Photographed by his father Thomas Nevin, New Town studio (Tas)
b&w copy deposited TAHO 30/8/1974
Ref: NS434/1/245 Tasmanian Archives Collection

Thanks to George’s prescience in keeping photographs taken by his father of the previous generation, images have survived in a scrapbook as reproductions of the 1870s originals of his grandparents, parents, uncles, and their friends, but they are in poor condition. He has cut and pasted the originals, and some seem to have been reprinted on thin paper, cut out of a weekly such as The Tasmanian Mail perhaps, which published a sizeable photographic supplement in the early 1900s.

This “collage” is one of George’s scrapbook items. Beneath Elizabeth Rachel Nevin he has written “MAR” and beneath Thomas J. Nevin is written “PAR”, a phonetic reflection of an Irish brogue which might have characterised his grandfather’s speech.

Scrapbook collage by George Nevin of his father’s photographs
Copyright © The Denis Shelverton Collection & KLW NFC Imprint 2006-2009 ARR.

The scrapbook itself, now in the possession of Denis Shelverton, a great grandson of Thomas and Elizabeth Nevin, was originally a ledger book used by George at the Henry Jones IXL fruit export factory in 1920s. George also collected and pasted photographs of in-laws, and pink pages from the Trotting Globe detailing the racing results of his younger brother Albert with pacers on the Tasmanian tracks.

George worked on whaling ships, in factories, and shared a carrier business with his older brother Thomas “Sonny” Nevin. One source of income during the depression times of the 1900s was rabbit shooting. The photograph below of a group of rabbiteers with hunting dogs, a bounty of rabbits, and draught horse and cart, shows George in his early twenties on viewer’s extreme right, with a small dog, taken in the Tasmanian countryside ca. 1910. His father Thomas might have been the photographer, since it was taken by someone with photographic expertise travelling with them.

Above: George Nevin, extreme right, ca 1910
Below: the photograph in its original tattered cardboard frame.
The verso is signed “George Nevn” [sic].
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In later years, between the 1920s and the 1950s, when five of Thomas and Elizabeth Nevin’s adult children lived on the property at 23 Newdegate St. North Hobart, George maintained vegetable gardens between the stables.

George Nevin’s new potatoes, the address ” 63 Newdegate” might be a typo, i.e. 23 Newdegate
The Mercury 10 December 1940

The b & w photograph below was taken at Newdegate Street with Jack Davis, left, pointing at George, ca. 1938. Jack Davis was the father of Emily Maud Davis, who married Albert Nevin in 1917, George’s younger brother. The poverty of these men during the 1930s Depression is evident in their clothing.

Jack Davis George Nevin 1938

Jack Davis George Nevin verso 1938

Above: George Ernest Nevin (1880-1957), pictured right, with Jack Davis.
Kodak print(verso). Taken by a family member ca 1938, 23 Newdegate St North Hobart.
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George Nevin on right, with brother-in-law Bert Morris, husband of Eva Morris nee Nevin, daughter of Albert Edward and Emily Maud Nevin. Copyright © KLW NFC 2009. ARR.

George Ernest Nevin’s cemetery record and obituary, The Mercury July 27, 1957.