Prisoner Henry CAVANAGH

NLA Catalogue (incorrect information)
Title Henry Cavanagh at Port Arthur, Tasmania, 1874 [picture]
Date 1874.
Extent 1 photograph : albumen ; 10.5 x 6.5 cm.
Published in 1909

Henry Cavanagh was sent to Port Arthur in December 1873. His name does not appear in the House of Assembly Journals, Nominal Return of Prisoners sent to Port Arthur since its transfer to Colonial Government in 1871, tabled in Parliament on 11th June, 1873. He was discharged before that date, on the 14th June 1872 after sentencing of one month in Hobart, and arraigned in Launceston nine months later, on the 3rd September 1873. He was received at the Hobart Gaol, sentenced to 6 years, and photographed there on 17th September 1873 by T. J. Nevin.

The numbering on the verso of this carte, according to the NLA notes is “306”. This is an archivist’s number which could date from 1909-1916, sourced from John Watt Beattie’s “Port Arthur Museum” located in Hobart (and not at Port Arthur), or from the 1930s when the QVMAG acquired Beattie’s Collection, or from the 1960s with the Gunson Collection acquisition by the NLA, or from the 1980s when the QVMAG copied and/or distributed more than seventy (70) of these cdvs of Tasmanian prisoners to the Port Arthur site, the NLA, the AOT, and the TMAG etc.


Henry Cavanagh from Victoria, 18 years old, charged at Burnie, Tasmania on 4th May 1872, with being on premises for an unlawful purpose, was discharged from the Hobart Gaol on 14 June 1872.

But a year or so later, Henry Cavanagh, aged 19 yrs, was arraigned at the Recorder’s Court Launceston on 3 September 1873 and sentenced to 6 years for stealing a posted letter and uttering. He was admitted to the Hobart Gaol (Campbell St Gaol) and photographed by T. J. Nevin on 17th September 1873.

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