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William John Nevin (1852-1891) was known to the family as Jack. Born in County Down Ireland, he was less than six months old when he arrived in Hobart, Tasmania with his father, pensioner guard John Nevin and mother Mary Nevin nee Dickson, the youngest of his siblings Thomas James, Rebecca Jane and Mary Anne Nevin, on board the Fairlie, 1852.  The children were all under 12 years on arrival. They settled soon after at Kangaroo Valley (now Lenah Valley, Hobart) where John Nevin built the family house on land owned by the Wesleyan Church adjacent to the Lady Franklin Museum, Ancanthe.

Constable John (W.J. or Jack) Nevin, ca. 1880 photographed by his brother Thomas J. Nevin.
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Constable John (William John aka Jack) Nevin was the younger brother of Tasmanian photographer Thomas J. Nevin and his assistant at the Hobart Gaol, Campbell Street during his brother’s commission as police photographer in prisons. They jointly maintained one of their photographic studios in New Town until the mid 1880s. Constable John Nevin was employed on salary at the Cascades Prison for Males and the Hobart Gaol under the supervision of the keeper Ringrose Atkins from 1874 until his untimely death aged 39 yrs from typhoid fever in 1891.

Last entry: the Electoral Roll of the Electoral District of North Hobart, North Hobart, year commencing 11th April, 1884 (Hobart Gazette)

NEVIN, William John | Place of Abode H.M. Gaol | Nature of qualification Salary | Particulars of Qualification H.M. Government.

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Eight contemporary generation portraits by Thomas Nevin:

From left, Thomas’ brother Jack Nevin 1880
Top:  Elizabeth Rachel Day 1868; Thomas Nevin himself 1868; Elizabeth Rachel Day 1868 vignette
Lower: Elizabeth Rachel Day 1870; Thomas Nevin himself with wife Elizabeth Rachel Day 1871; Thomas Nevin himself 1873;
Extreme right: Thomas’ sister Mary Anne 1874;

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