Portraits by T.J. Nevin in The Lucy Batchelor Collection

This selection from the Lucy Batchelor Album of 1870s carte-de-visite portraits by Tasmanian photographer Thomas J. Nevin (1842-1923), submitted courtesy of Robyn and Peter Bishop, was scanned from the original page. Each carte is mounted behind the cut-out frame of the album leaves. The album is ca. 150 years old.

Young man by Nevin 1870s

Above: unknown young man ca 1873, photographed in Nevin’s studio at 140 Elizabeth St. Hobart Town. Stamped verso.

Freemason 1870s by Nevin

Above: possibly a Freemason, Templar or Loyal United Brothers Lodge member, as was Thomas Nevin. This photograph was taken by Nevin in his studio. The man here is standing next to Nevin’s big box tabletop stereograph viewer which features in two other Nevin cartes. Hand-tinted by subsequent owners of the carte. Verso is blank (?).

Verso of baby with sprig by Nevin

Baby with sprig by Nevin

Above: unknown child with sprig of holly, photographed by Thomas Nevin ca. 1873. Stamped verso. Hand-tinting with this red and green sprig motif appears in other cartes by Nevin.

Photographs courtesy of Robyn and Peter Bishop
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