Thomas Nevin’s stereographs: TMAG Collection

These stereographs taken between 1865 and 1876 by professional photographer Thomas J. Nevin are held in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery collection, Hobart. Some were taken as commercial photographs for private clientele, for example those which bear verso his New Town studio stamp and those which bear recto his blind stamp impress. At least two in this collection were taken ca. 1867-1868 in partnership with Robert Smith operating from Alfred Bock’s former studio at 140 Elizabeth St. Hobart as the firm “Nevin & Smith”. Others which bear Nevin’s government contractor stamp featuring the Royal Arms insignia were taken during his commissions with the Hobart City Council and Tasmanian colonial government. Several bear no photographer identification but are similar to others in terms of the pictured subject photographed several times around the same date, for example the group photographs of visitors to Adventure Bay, January 31st, 1872. Some photographs of the same subject were printed as both an unmounted carte-de-visite and as stereographs, the latter in different mounts and on different coloured cards, eg. double oval mounts on buff or yellow card, or square mounts with top diagonal corners on yellow card. Yet others were never intended to leave Nevin’s studio because they were preliminary or experimental prints, and a few which were donated to the public collections were coloured ineptly by clients’ family members after their purchase. A few show extensive damage due to mould, flood, poor storage and excessive handling. The images below were provided as scans (i.e. not studio photographic reproductions) to this weblog in 2015. All are watermarked.

Most of these stereographs have been contextualised in individual articles on this site. Check the sidebar widget for a selection.

TMAG Ref: Q1994-56-2. On board the City of Hobart, 31st January 1872