Sonny Nevin’s American journey with the Bates family

Thomas, Gertrude and Athol Nevin travelled to and from California on board the steamers, S.S. Ventura and S.S. Sonoma, 1920-1922 to visit Getrude’s family, the Tennyson Bates. Source of steamer postcard images First born son of Thomas James and Elizabeth Rachel Nevin nee Day, Thomas James “Sonny” Nevin was born on 16 April 1874 … More Sonny Nevin’s American journey with the Bates family

Thomas James ‘Sonny’ Nevin (1874 – 1948)

Thomas James Nevin jnr was born in 1874 at the residence attached to his father’s photographic studio at 140 Elizabeth St, Hobart Town. He was the second child of Thomas and Elizabeth Nevin and the first son – his elder sister May (Mary Florence) was born in 1872).

Known as “Sonny” to family descendants, he travelled to California to reside there for a time with his wife Gertrude Tennyson Bates and his wife’s family who migrated there in the early 1900s. Both returned to Hobart and both died there, Thomas James in 1948, and Gertrude Bates in 1955. … More Thomas James ‘Sonny’ Nevin (1874 – 1948)