Prisoner John DORAN

Just one mugshot of habitual offender John Doran per the convict transport Asiatic is extant, and in very poor condition. It is held at the National Library of Australia, taken by Thomas Nevin at the Hobart Gaol in the last week of December 1875 prior to John Doran’s discharge on 5th January 1876. John Doran is not to be confused with another prisoner with the name of Albert or Alfred Doran per Blenheim who was also active during these years. His prisoner identification photograph taken by Nevin is extant in public collections in various formats (QVMAG).

NLA Catalogue
nla.pic-vn4269863 PIC P1029/8
LOC Album 935 John Doran, per Asiatic, taken at Port Arthur, 1874 [picture] 1874. 1 photograph on carte-de-visite mount : albumen ; 9.4 x 5.6 cm. on mount 10.5 x 6.3 cm.

Police Records for John Doran


Prisoner John Doran alias Charles Knight per Asiatic was convicted in the Recorder’s Court, Launceston, on 29 December 1870, transferred to the Hobart Gaol, where he served consecutive sentences totalling six years. He would have been photographed more than once because of his lengthy sentences, numerous convictions and discharges from both the Hobart Gaol and the Invalid Depots. He also used aliases so there are records missing from the list below.


John Doran, aged 48 yrs, discharged from the Hobart Gaol on 5 January 1876. The extant photograph was taken by Thomas J. Nevin in the fortnight prior to John Doran’s discharge.

John Doran was discharged from the Cascades Prison for Males on 31 March 1876


John Doran, sentenced to twelve months for indecency, discharged on  14 February 1877.

John Doran sentenced to 7 days for inciting to resist the police, discharged on  14 March 1877

John Doran was arrested on 20th November 1877


John Doran was convicted for larceny on 13 July 1878


John Doran was discharged from the Cascades between 7 -11 May 1879: he had absconded in government clothes while under detention.

John Doran was discharged on 9 May 1879

John Doran was arrested on 6 June 1879, convicted of larceny for the theft of property belonging to Edward Slide.

John Doran, suspicion attached to – 6 June 1879

John Doran, description adjoined to notice above,  6 June 1879

John Doran was convicted on 16 August 1879, sentenced to three months

John Doran was discharged on 19 November 1879

John Doran was 50 years old by 20 December 1879 when he was convicted of larceny, sentenced to 18 months.

etc etc – 1885

John Doran, now 58 yrs old,  was arraigned at the Supreme Court Hobart on 19 May 1885

Source: Tasmania Reports of Crime Information for Police James Barnard Gov’t Printer