Prisoner James HARRISON

The NLA catalogue caption was devised from the verso inscription:
“James Harrison, per Rodney, taken at Port Arthur, 1874.”

A copy is held at the Archives Office of Tasmania:

“James Harrison, convict transported per Rodney 1. Photograph taken a Port Arthur by Thomas Nevin”
Archives Office Ref: PH30/1/3261

Prisoner Harrison, James per Rodney
QVMAG Collection: Ref : 1983_p_0163-0176

This is a black and white reprint from Thomas Nevin’s sepia print (1873) produced at the QVMAG in 1985 by Chris Long along with 39 others for reasons known only to himself, since they serve no purpose. The mounted cdvs which Nevin also produced for prison and police records (1874) are held at National Library of Australia, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and the Archives Office Tasmania.


James Harrison per Rodney 1 was sentenced to 10 yrs on 5 July 1866 and discharged from the Hobart Gaol on 26 November 1873 (aged 43) when he was photographed by T. J. Nevin.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery holds a copy numbered “99” on verso.

TMAG Ref:  Q15603
TITLE: ‘[Convict] “125” “99 / James Harrison per Rodney 1 / Taken at Port Arthur 1874”.’
DATE: 1874


The TMAG misattributed this and forty or more prisoner mugshots in their collection borrowed from the QVMAG in 1983 to the prison Commandant A. H. Boyd in 2005, an error since corrected.